Growing up in the in the 70’s, the world was a different place; we were more enthused with nature. I remember being in elementary school, and a guy had this crazy  idea to sell “Pet Rocks.” I thought, how stupid for people to buy a rock when they can just go outside and get them from nature for FREE. I was so amazed at his idea, and I was more amazed that people were actually buying rocks!  I couldn't shake the thought that people were really buying rocks for pets.

Time had passed and my interest in stones and rocks grew. In middle school, I remember my 7th grade science teacher having some beautiful stones. I had never seen these stones in my neighborhood. I remember thinking that he had some “pretty rocks.” I came to class one day and noticed no one was in the classroom, the lights were off, and the door was unlocked. I went in and took the pretty rocks he had laying in his dried up fish aquarium. I know!  It's called stealing, but I just had to have these pretty rocks. I took those beautiful rocks and added them to my rock collection. It wasn't until I became an adult that I found out they weren't just "pretty rocks;" they were GEMSTONES, and were identified by cool names such as Quartz Crystal, Black Onyx, Brecciated Jasper, and Rhodonite.

My love and fascination for jewelry started young too. I found myself collecting a ring here and a necklace there. One day, I experimented on a Quartz Crystal. I took off one of the drop hooks and bent it around the Quartz Crystal. Next, I cut a piece of chain I got from the hardware store and wore my new creation. I put that bad boy on, and when others saw me with my new creation, they would not only complement me, but inquired about how they could obtained their very own. I was so proud of my work that day, and I can honestly say that it was during that moment that I knew I would create gemstone jewelry.

My love for gems became so strong that I found myself sitting in the library and reading about these powerful stones.  One particular and very important piece of information that I learned during my research was that gemstones were known to hold information, character, and energy that could help and heal. I learned that gemstones carried powers and were given to us by and through the Earth, within nature.

Later, I was given a past life reading about me being a Shaman, and my souls understanding of the elements, the use of nature, and stones. It all made sense! My fascination and interest in these gemstones, or “pretty rocks” was much more than a hobby. It would become my life’s work to share with the world!
Dana Swint at Ancient World Gemstone Vendor Table
Gemstone Shaman Healer, Jeweler, Creator, Founder, & Owner of Ancient World Gemstone Jewelry
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